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Shares Available In A Somerset Based Pitts S2 A adid = 36470

Views so far = 2852

Fly-in, Shares & Groups | Pitts, Pitts S2A

SHARES - Taunton Somerset Pitts S2 A

FAA Registered
Year 1981
Airframe 1,150 total
Engine 200 HP 1,150 total
3 bladed propeller
Christen inverted oil
Fully Rebuilt in 2000 / many new mods
Garmin GPS/Com GNC 250XL, Garmin TPX 327, Intercom
Excellent condition

8 shares / £7,500 each
running costs £100 hr wet
Monthly £35

Contact Bill Hosie 07500 332060
Send William Hosie a Secure Message. Contact Details 07500 332060
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