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Seeking A Share In The East Midlands Near Lincoln adid = 36850

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

Pilot with 550 hours (200 tailwheel) looking for a share in something interesting. At 6''1" I don''t fit a Jodel (already tried!) but am looking for a friendly group flying anything that''s not 2-stroke anywhere in the East Midlands, from a simple farm strip up to EMA. I have owned my own aircraft on and off for 25 years, (Tailwheel G-reg, N-reg, Microlight etc) so have a lot of practical knowledge gained from day-to-day operations, if that''''''''s any use. Engineering minded but generally short of time, I''ll help out willingly with permitted maintenance where I can and generally contribute to the group.

So that''''''''s me... any takers?? I can be contacted on my phone or through these pages.
Send Colin Webb a Secure Message. Contact Details phone: 07973654915 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Colin, PA28 - 180 of any interest based at Nottingham?

A1 Hi Gary, I replied via email, love to see details if you have them, Thanks Colin

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