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For Sale - Mainair Blade 582 (blue Top) adid = 36983

Aviation Photo number 49990
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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Mainair, Blade 582 | £5800

I have a Blade 582 for Sale, I am selling due to financial commitments.
The Blade is in very good condition and has been looked after very well.
The aircraft has been hangared in the dark and fully rigged. It comes with all paperwork which has been strictly kept up to date. Below are the main features of the Aircraft.

Trike and Frame - Great Condition (currently done 847hrs)
Brand New Hangstrap, Hangbracket, Hangbolt, Safety Pin and Safety wire (fitted June 2016). Wing Strip and Rebuild at 640hrs by Mainair Sports.

Engine - BRAND NEW ENGINE (only 25hrs)
All new pipes and fittings to engine also.

Flying Suit
Intercom System
2 x Headsets
Portable Full Tank
65 Litre Tank
Morris Screen
3 x LED Strobes
ICOM Radio
Carb Heaters
Weight and Balance until 2019
BRAND NEW PERMIT until June 2017

The aircraft runs very smooth and has plenty of power for MTOW. Never had an issue with it apart from replacing a few exhaust springs. Cruises beautify. If you would like more information please give me a call.

James Long - 07751603942 or email
Send James Long a Secure Message. Contact Details 07751603942