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Elt Artex Me406/p adid = 37229

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | artex, ME 406/P | 950

An ELT will be compulsory from August 2016 for all UK group A aircraft!!
A single-output ELT, the Artex ME406P utilizes the same RF output and only one coax cable connected to the new series of Artex single input aerial antennas to transmit 121.5 and 406 MHz emergency signals to the COSPAS/SARSAT satellites. The ELT automatically activates during a crash and transmits the standard swept tone on 121.5 MHz. Every 50 seconds for 440 milliseconds the 406 MHz transmitter turns on and sends an encoded 5 watt signal to alert search and rescue. The mounting tray of the ME406 series ELT is compatible with all previous models of Artex 406 MHz, as well as the ELT200 series, Pointer Model 3000, Narco ELTs and for the ACK E-01 ELT. A wrap-around auxiliary antenna attached to the fixed mounted ELT allows continued transmission of the distress signal after the removal of the ELT from a downed aircraft.While search and rescue authorities discourage wandering away from an aircraft wreck as it makes visual detection from the air much easier, circumstances (bad weather conditions, location of aircraft shielded by steep canyon walls or high mountains) may require a move to a more protected or accessible area. A lanyard connected to the ME406P allows the user to secure the ELT to a person or object in order to avoid loss or potential damage to the unit. The ME406P offers the advantage of automatic activation by G-Switch combined with portability for total peace of mind.

as new condition fitted to an aircraft I bought from europe,only removed as not required in UK for a microlight, all wiring, buzzer and antenna included.
any questions please email or call
I will post anywhere in the world and postage price will be agreed before sending
I can accept payment via paypal or bank transfer and will send once payment is confirmed.
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