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Belle Vue Fly In. This Weekend! Good Weather! adid = 37277

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Belle Vue Fly In 2016. THIS WEEKEND!

The weather is looking good for the weekend!

This years fly in will be held on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st of July. Should the weather not be suitable it will be postponed until the following weekend of Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of August.

The fly in will be held in memory of Howard Cox and all proceeds will be donated to 2 charities.

Feet Off the Ground, a local based Charity helping disadvantaged children & Macmillan Nurses, providing care and support for cancer patients.

Although the event is on Saturday & Sunday visitors are welcome to camp on the Friday night and Saturday night should they wish. There will be a Lundy Team fly in held on Lundy Island on Sunday. Belle Vue is a great place to start from when heading for Lundy Island so why not stop over Saturday night and head for Lundy in the morning.

Food and refreshments will be available throughout the day and evening with music and good company for the evenings entertainment. There will be a bar serving beers, Lager & wines.

There is no fuel on site but our helpful team can arrange fuel (MOGAS ONLY) if needed. 2 Local airfields do have AVGAS should you require it. There are local stores and transport available for any other specific requirements.

The event will be PPR. Please study the circuit diagram and noise abatement areas before flying in.

Should you require any further information please use the contact form on this website, the Belle Vue website or alternatively call Mark on 07789 402413.

We look forward to seeing you all again this year!
Check out the website at for more information using the link below.

Send mark potter a Secure Message. Contact Details 07789 402413