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Microlight Flight Training Algarve Portugal adid = 37392

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Training, Instruction, C42 Quantum912 QuikR


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Malcolm Howland and Colin Gordon have been flying and involved in microlighting for over 25 years. Fly365 is BMAA approved Training Organisation and has amassed thousands of flying hours teaching people to license. FLY365 based in Portugal's Algarve is blessed with over 300 flyable days each year.
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The weather can not interrupt your training, typically the Lagos area of the Algarve has 300 flying days per year. Winter 2017/18 we flew 590 training hours over just the winter period and lost only 8 days throughout that winter season Oct through May

Whether you fancy a hour building, getting a good start or completing your licence or just mixing your training with your UK school while having a deserved holiday. Want more information? Check out our website.

Flight and accommodation during the winter can be cheap as chips during the winter months!
Fly365 operates from Lagos Aerodrome on the Algarve all year !
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