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White Waltham Based Pa28-140 Share adid = 37418

Aviation Photo number 50972
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA28-140 | £1250

G-AXSZ is arguably one of the finest Piper Cherokees based at White Waltham
and is meticulously maintained to an extremely high standard, regardless of
cost. The maintenance is conducted to a level that allows post-PPL training
for the members, as approved by the CAA and WLAC.The aircraft enjoys full
IMC avionics, PLB and life jackets, and is therefore ideal for a newly
qualified PPL, IMC flights, hours building or cross-channel jaunts. The
group encourages shared flights among members, thereby effectively doubling
your flying budget.Share is 1/13, member is asking GB£1250. Ongoing costs
are £80 per month and GB£80 per tacho hour.

Contact Dan on 07920 165619 or via this website.
Send Daniel Coran a Secure Message. Contact Details 07920 165619 Ask a Question