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Super Stol Yetti J-03, 144hp adid = 37447

Aviation Photo number 51049
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Yetti Air ltd., Jetti J-03 | 18496 EUR

Super STOL Ultralight Airplane Yetti - J03 144HP for sale
For large and heavy pilots. Super into the mountains or towing gladers. See video:

Steel structure with a wing made of duralumin profiles. Wing span of 9.8 meters. Tail type. Flaperons. Vortex generators. Covered with air canvas. Yetti-J-03 has a ballistic recovery parachute system GRS 3/450 after a revision. Further revisions to 03/2022
No damage history. Never flown in school. Bj/ et works 1996. Total flown time aircraft only 100 hours!
 MTOW 472.5 kg. Empty weight 320,5 kg.
Engine: Conversion VW 1.2 TSI 144hp / 5550RPM, 200 NM at 2200-4400RPM, low consumption, direct injection, car gasoline 95 OCT turbocharger with intercooler. The engine can be easily manually start by propeller without a starter. Starter 12v is mounted. 18Ah starter battery.
Reducer: 1: 2.14 Belts Gates Polychain, steel pulleys. Tensioning by eccentric.
Propeller: 2000 mm Werner in 75 percent 18 degree , two-blade wooden custom made, right-handed, powered Russian profile.

Take-off from 40meters
Climb: about 5.5 meters per second between 3500feet to 4500feet / AMSL!
Cruising speed: 120-160 km / h
Economical speed 100 km / h
VNE 182 km / h
Vs1 56 km / h

 Reliably lands and takes off from the runway 150 meters with moderately experienced pilot.
Vortex generators across the wing span, independently braked wheels of the place of pilot, cabin width of about 120 cm.
The basic instrumentation, intercom. Inspection valid till July 8, 2017. Legal insurance paid till December 31, 2016

The aircraft Yetti can buy the original 750 kg braked trailer with canvas factory, which supplied the aircraft manufacturer customers for an additional 1100 EUR, the trailer does not currently have the registration brand but is serviceable, perfect for storage of aircraft and transportation.

Good and straightforward aircraft, under 58Km/hod does not fall into a spin, rotate the nose and then take flight, I show you.

Price 18496 EUR

Tel: 00420603107704, I speak Czech, Russian and English.
Send Filip Zejda a Secure Message. Contact Details 00420603107704

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