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Yak 50 Used By Aerostars Formation Aerobatic Team adid = 37472

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Yakovlev, Yak 50 | Please contact for price

G-HAMM is one of the Yak 50 aircraft used by the Aerostars Formation Aerobatic team from 2001 until 2015. Performed at all of the major UK and European air shows.

Yak 50 - 1983 Manufacture
Fresh annual until June 2017
Airframe - 630 Hours
Engine - 170 Hours since overhaul
Life Items
Pipes - 6 /1/ 2020
Air Bottles 6/1/2019
Undercarriage activators 6/1/2020
100 Hour Airframe inspection - required in UK - 6/2019 Propeller 2016 Elevator and Rudder - recovered in 2013
Paint scheme - as per attached images
Avionics - I fitted an EFIS to replace AI - Dynon manufacture EFIS 10 I believe.
Mode S Transponder
Western altimeter
All other instruments are as provided with aircraft.

The aircraft is well known in Europe and often photographed.
Send Andrew Hammond a Secure Message. Contact Details 01462 440077
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