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Jab Instruments + Alt & Vsi + Exhaust adid = 37507

Aviation Photo number 51180
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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale

Set of engine instruments (No RPM) - unused - supplied new with J400 kit in 2004. OP CHT(inc probe) and OT. Boxed serial numbered by Jabiru.

VSI BC-2A. Supplied by Jabiru with J400 kit. Never fitted.

Jab3300 exhaust. 2 in variety - supplied with J400, but not fitted.

Also ASI 0-80kts Winter. Plain dial (no coloured arcs). Belived unfitted/unused. Owned by my Brother, not part of J400.

I''''m having a clear out .... Offers?

Contact best by email .... nigel at techwiz dott co dott youkay.
Send Nigel Bond a Secure Message. Contact Details 07773037912
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