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Sold - Ev97 Eurostar For Sale - Factory Built adid = 37527

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Cosmik, EV97 | £34,950


G-CEHL (also known as "The Lama" - you will have to ask to hear the story)is a 2007 factory-built Eurostar, with c. 1500 hours clocked (engine and airframe). The engine is an 80hp Rotax 912.

She comes with: Permit to fly, good to August 2017, new weight and balance, new 3 blade Kiev propellor, new canopy, new nosewheel gear, new turtledeck, new tailplane, new engine bearer, new gearbox bearings (good for another 600 hours). She had new ignition units only about 100 hours ago. We have kept a full technical history of the aircrafts life so you also get a stack of paperwork that will fill the passenger seat :-)

Panel equipment includes all the usual basic stuff plus a Trig Transponder and Icom A3 radio. For the asked for purchase price I will fit an 8.33 MHz transceiver for you.

Note that she is in bare metal finish, which gives you the opportunity to get her vinyled up with one of Chris Theakstons (CT Aviation) stunning modern design schemes... Your aircraft, your choice!

Note: Airframe hours may vary, as I will fly the aircraft (solo) until sold.

Video showing me with aircraft (including interior view) is now up on youtube.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details Mike Edwards 07721 404 823

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 What engine and prop does the plane have?

A1 80 hp Rotax 912, standard for a factory built Eurostar and the propeller is a 3 blade Kiev prop - brand new.

Q2 hello just checking if this Eurostar is still for sale what is the year of manufacture

A2 G-CEHL was built in 2007. I acquired the aircraft in Feb 2011. Prior to 2011 the aircraft was owned by an individual. Yes, it's still for sale, and I've been using it personally since Sept 2016, but I've not clocked many hours on it.

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