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Jodel Mascaret 150a adid = 37546

Aviation Photo number 51284
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Jodel, D150A | £20k

Jodel 150A Mascaret for Sale.
Potez 4E20 850hours TSMOH, 100hours STOH.
Engine comes with an array of spare parts.
Airframe 2560hrs.
1963 Factory Built.
Operated on French DofG until being imported to the UK in 2010 and so could be one of the first permit aircraft to gain IFR approval once available.
LAA Permit to March 2017.
Good condition with good fabric and regularly flown so hours will increase.
Garmin 496.
Garmin SL40 Radio.
Mode C transponder.
Hangered near Royston, Herts.

Very reluctant sale due to the arrival of my first child and a impending first house purchase.

Please call for more information.

Send Gary Jackson a Secure Message. Contact Details 07392082677