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Eurofox Shares Available In Wiltshire adid = 37584

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Three-axis Microlights, Shares & Groups | Eurofox, 80hp | £3115.00

Eurofox shares available in our aircraft ''Tango''. Only twelve shares are available.The aircraft will be replaced with a new aircraft at five years, and your shares are automatically moved to the new aircraft.

We also now have a new Eurofox Light Sports Aircraft, this has a maximum all up weight of 560 kilos, and can be flown under the NPPL SSEA licence. We can upgrade your NPPL Microlight to NPPL SSEA as well.
12 shares available for £4200 inc vat, this is based on £50 per hour wet and £41 per month.

Rotax 912 and 912 S powered, based at Clench Common in North Wiltshire. These aircraft cruise at 85 and 90 knots, burning 12 litres an hour. Shares are £3115.00, depreciate over four years, at the end of this time you can have £1000.00 refund, or renew for four more years at £2115.00. A monthly cost of £41.00 covers hangarage, insurance and Permit. £50.00 per hour wet, covers fuel, landing fees, Club membership, engine fund and all servicing. Just book and fly, available for weekends and weeks away. Based on our tried and tested share package on C42.

There are no hidden extras, we have a no quibble buy back scheme, this scheme has worked for eighteen years. Ask for details.

Contact us on 01672 515535, check out
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