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Tecnam P.2006t adid = 37612

Aviation Photo number 51451
Aviation Photograph 2
Aviation Photograph 3
Views so far = 5978

Larger aircraft, For Sale | Tecnam, P.2006T | inquire

As good as new Tecnam P.2006T serial number 111
First owner since new. Always hangared.

TTSN 328 hrs

2x Rotax 912S3 engine TTSN 328 hrs
2x MTV-21-A-C-F/CF178-05 constant speed propellers TTSN 328 hrs

New battery installed 08/2015
Shock absorbers overhauled 06/2016

Garmin 950 GPS NAV COM
Garmin GTX33 Transponder
Garmin GMA 1347 Audio panel

King KR87 ADF Receiver
King KN63 DME

Artex ME406 ELT

S-TEC 55X Autopilot

Dual camera hole modification
Dual alternator modification
Towbar included

EASA Part 145 maintained.
ARC valid until 21/06/2017
Managed by CAMO, fully up to date on all SB and AD
No damage history
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