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Spot Gps Tracker adid = 37655

Aviation Photo number 51539
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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | SPOT, SPOT 1 | £25

The SPOT satellite tracker system provides a GPS- based tracking system to allow the emergency services to provide rescue facilities in the event of an accident - even in remote locations. They can be used by hikers, climbers, ramblers, pilots and sailors. The system uses the GPS satellites to precisely locate the user and will also provide a route tracking service on Google Maps to follow the route of a user. There are also facilities such as HELP ME, messaging

I was able to follow the progress of an aircraft that was being flown from the USA to England. A really useful device. There are later versions but I checked and these versions are still supported so there should be no problem with their use.

I have 10 that are brand- new - never been out of the box. I bought them at the time when i was considering becoming a reseller.
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