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Rotax 503 Free Air Cooled Engine adid = 37660

Aviation Photo number 51549
Aviation Photograph 2
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Engines & Props, For Sale | Rotax, 503 | £450

Rotax Free air cooled 503,
130 hrs since overhaul, Recent top end decoke and inspection, all in lovely order, conrod combined clearances at 0.045mm, not long had new plugs, points and condensers and timing reset, complete with carbs, filters, intake and exhaust manifolds.
Gearbox preload just been checked, no new shims needed.
Carb choke fittings which thread into carbs not shown in photo are also included.
Reason for sale, a 503 DCDI engine became available.
Send Jonathan Buchanan a Secure Message. Contact Details 07941236869.
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