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Aerochute Dual Paratrike adid = 37693

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AEROCHUTE for SALE : I''''m selling my Aerochute Dual (Fully UK Legal 2 Seat Paratrike) now that my Hummerchute is CAA approved. Aerochute are the only fully legal Dual Paratrike you can by and use in the UK. There are really stable and easy to fly. The stable design really suits the UK weather. So if you are interested in running a Paratrike school and giving trial flights in this unusual aircraft, then this could be an economic entry point. It comes complete with Trike, Canopy Wing and Engine (Ready to fly). It''''s got a nearly new wing and comes with a large prop hoop and a range of optional upgrades including, Foot web, Stone guard, EGT, HOB / Tacho. If you need NPPL(M) Paratrike conversion training to make yourself legal, then I can supply that that as well. It comes with a 12 month permit to fly and the engine has recently been serviced. It''''s been maintained really well and is in great condition. Contact Wayne on 07929 320 343
Send Wayne Kimberlin a Secure Message. Contact Details 07929320343

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