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Sportair Fun Flying Goes Aerobatic!!!! adid = 37703

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

SportAir based at Chichester Goodwood is expanding...again. We own outright a Tomahawk, Maule Sky Rocket, Robin Regent, and have just purchased an American Aviation Super Decathlon which will be on line in the New Year, only 300 hours from new, off to AirTime aircraft painting soon, attached photo is our new colour scheme! All our aircraft are immaculate, superbly maintained, and our rates are very competitive. We love touring, we have life rafts, jackets, PLBs, a briefing room with computer etc., and next year Aerobatics too! The finest flying group in the country, non-equity, £85/ month and this includes all landings etc.,then hourly rates, £75/ Tomahawk, £105/ Maule, £135/ Robin, Decathlon TBA, these are wet rates. Outstanding aircraft, outstanding maintenance, outstanding group. Give us a ring or come and see us! You will be made very welcome!
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