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Io240/io360/tsio360 Cylinder & Piston adid = 37838

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Engines & Props, For Sale | Continental

Refurbished 2000 with some paperwork, would suit permit aircraft. According to the continental website, the 653450 cylinder has been superseeded by part number 658602 which is listed for I0240, IO360A,IO360B,IO360D,IO360G,IO360H...and TSIO360A/B/C/D/F etc.

The piston is in a box labeled 654859, and appears as the current part on the TSIO360 engines. I assume this is a low CR 7.5:1 piston, and not suitable for the normally aspirated IO360.

Cylinder/head assembly looks like new with new valves, guides and seats. The piston looks new and comes with rings and wrist pin. All items inhibited. Comes with receipt for over £500. I bought this for a projected that I will never complete, so it is up for sale.

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