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Paramotor And Wing adid = 37895

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Foot launched, Powered Hang Gliders, For Sale | Parajet / Dudek, V3 / Dudek Synthesis | £5200 ovno

Parajet V3 Polini 190 light (dry clutch) 10 months total flying hour 1hr. Stunning like new as you would expect.

Dudek Synthesis 2 29 1 year old less that 2hrs flying stunning condition all accessories as supplied when new rucksack, manual ect (I have had to carry out one small sticky patch repair very minor very small snag on the lower surface 5p coin size near wing tip)

I have a just about every thing you need to get into the sport or upgrade your kit. Supplying dealer will be happy to verify the motor and wing.

Only selling due to going to have a go with a Flexwing. If it is the right setup for you the first to see will buy. All qestions answered.

Images will be added at the following link:

Send Geoff Bates a Secure Message. Contact Details 01432 376379 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Can you tell me the thrust and total weight please 07970310068.

A1 The V3 dry weight is 27.5kg Thrust 70kg - 75kg