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1984 Slingsby Firefly T67b Sold adid = 38169

Aviation Photo number 52674
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Slingsby, Firefly T67B | Sold

Zero timed O-235-N2A engine overhauled with new Lycoming cylinders
EASA Form 1 certificate
Engine warranty

All SBs and ADs complied with

Dual Becker Comms
Dual Becker NR2029 Navs,
ILS, Markers
Becker transponder
Becker ADF
Narco 890 DME

The T-67B Firefly is a two-seat aerobatic trainer aircraft designed and developed by Slingsby.
Permitted aerobatic manoeuvres +6G -3G.

The T-67B is the ideal aerobatic training aircraft for flying schools

Offered at 26,950.00
Will consider reasonable offers and trade-in aircraft.

The aircraft is currently at Cranfield Airport. Please contact me on 07931 785076 for further information or to arrange a viewing.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details +44 (0) 7931 785076 UK