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Gliders, For Sale | Air DE, ATOS VQ | 6995

ATOS VQ. Has to go to fund expensive habits! I have just bought a Litespeed RX and a new Skydiving Rig, hence, reluctantly, the ATOS is up for sale. The glider flies very well indeed. It’s a pleasure to fly from the hills and also it’s a delight on aerotow. Landings are easy with the powerful flaps. The handling and performance are simply amazing. It’s one of the quicker ATOS gliders to rig and derig and comes with 2 bags, so carry ups are not a struggle as each half is very light, you do have to carry up twice though! Any inspection and test flight welcome. Rigging and de-rigging instruction will be provided as there is a sequence which must be followed. The glider is a 11/2007 VQ and I have had it for 2 years. Madness perhaps, but I am returning to flexwings for a while, although in the future I would not hesitate to buy another VQ as it is simply incredible to fly. It was purchased from Steve Elkins and had a full service prior to my ownership.There are a few patches on the leading edge where the previous owner caught it on a wire fence I believe, but other than that it’s in tip top condition. I will consider an offer within reason as it’s pretty much the end of the season. FREE Kobo Mini with XCSoar and spectacular custom mount included. Forgot to mention, included is a pair of ATOS Speedbar Pneumatic Wheels which cost £300, ideal for aertowing or even regular flying, they are designed solely for the ATOS Speedbar.
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