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Dynon Lycoming Vans Rotax And More Parts adid = 38364

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale
Continuing Workshop clear out

Please note that some of the items in the pictures above, namely the G meter, alternator and Comant have been sold, but I cannot edit the advert to remove the pictures no matter how many times I delete them, they are still there. Sorry about this. I have written to Alex to see if he can do anything to fix this bug.

Many parts from past projects, some bought in error or decisions changed during the build and not used.

If you are interested in any item, please send an email and I can provide pictures and more details if required.

Padded arm rest kit for RV8 in blue £30.00

New 2" aluminium flanges for ducting, carb / cabin heat etc. £5.00 each

New in bag , Dynon / Lycoming oil temperature sender part no. 100409-001 £14.00

New in bag from LAS push button switch with rubber boot (starter etc) part no. 10-00821 £8.00

Vans supplied New Flap switch sprung to middle position £6.00

Andair BK375 gascolator firewall bracket New £12.00

David Hoffman products £ interior cockpit eyeball type lights. Model MOD1-W six brand new£10.00 each

New Ray Allen relay deck REL-1 £20.00

New Ray Allen RS2 rocker switch for trim system £18.00

Used 8 inch pneumatic tail wheel. Alloy split rim wheel with sealed bearings and bushes for 3/8inch axle bolt. (Wheel, tyre and tube only . No fork )£25.00

New Potter and Brumfield switch breakers available in following 5A, 10A, 15A, 50A

Ray Allen needle type trim indicator, new £20.00

1 newRV fuel cap (not locking ) new £15.00

Various Vans cockpit fresh air ventilation parts, pipe, vents etc POA

RV undercarriage intersection fairings made by Fairings etc. , RV4 lower and RV8 upper, unused. Please ask for details.

Vans new tail wheel fork £40.00

Lycoming exhaust blow proof gaskets £3.50 each

Bags and bags of rivets. Most popular RV sizes. Please ask for details.

Venturi removed from Jodel £10.00

Rotax 912 Engine tacho. Used £50.00

New Hobbs hour meter £10.00

Pair of RV8 new engine cowls with lower scoop. Offers.

Remote oil filter kit for Lycoming engines. Made by Aviation development corporation. Uses washable element . Adapters and pipe work plus spare elements.
Used £80.00

More parts to come soon.

All subject to p+p charges.
Payment by bank transfer preferred.
If you want to pay by paypal, please add on 3.4 % to cover their charges.

Please contact Dermott by clicking the link below for further details.
Send a Secure Message.