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Nppl(m) Intensive Course Only £4059 adid = 38468

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Training, Clubs & training | £4059

Learn to fly and gain your NPPL (M) with Durham Aerosports.

Our specialised intensive course could see you gain your licence in as little as four weeks for only £4059!

This includes:

25 hours flight training
All written exams
Unlimited Access to our evening ground school sessions
Annual club membership
Aircraft use for the General Flying Test
Pilot starter kit worth over £195.00
Accommodation for 16 nights.

The course is structured to be completed over four weeks, in two week blocks. The student would join us on a Monday and fly until the Friday before commuting home on the Friday afternoon, thereby staying for four nights. The student would then return on the following Monday and repeat the schedule above.

The final two weeks can be completed in succession or the student can return at a later date.
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