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Fly-in, Service

Impulse Aviation Services LTD are based at Bournemouth Hurn Airport.

We are able to provide ferrying services for SEP EASA or ''N'' American registered aircraft, inclusive of complex & taildragger types. We hold UK issued EASA PPL(A) licenses, with endorsements for:

+ Variable Pitch

+ Retractable

+ Taildraggers

+ Diesels

We also have previous experience flying abroad in Europe. As we are PPL''s we will fly for just the transportation costs of getting to and from the aircraft in question. (In some cases, we may even contribute to the cost).

We are available at extremely short notice and therefore are very flexible.

For more information please visit our website.


Tel: 07939 185815 or 07891582325
Send impulse aviation a Secure Message. Contact Details 07891582325 Ask a Question


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 As your advert clearly states you are PPL Only Holders I believe you are possibly acting illegally. By definition of the Air Navigation Order I suggest you read :

A1 Dear user, Thank you for your observation and the link. We are indeed PPL holders, I apologize if there was confusion using the term 'Professional' in the ad header, implying professional ie commercial licenses. As EASA PPL (SEP) holders we are allowed to exercise our right to fly any EASA registered aircraft falling under the category of Single Engine Piston, for non-commercial purposes. In no instance are we allowed to get paid to fly an aircraft, in this case a ferry flight. I must emphasize that we do not have financial gain from any ferry flights we commence, all is done at base cost, ie, the a/c owner would pay for transportation and hotel costs, as well as fuel and landing fees. There is no profit or financial gain involved either for ourselves or the company. As stated in the ad in some cases we may contribute to the cost ourselves. To which end you may ask what is the benefit, which for us is simply that ferrying is a much more constructive way of developing experiences and skills across a wider range of aircraft, types and locations preparing us for our further careers. I hope this clarifies our position, if we can help any further please don't hesitiate to ask. Kind Regards, The Impulse Aviation Team

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