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2002 Robinson R44 Raven Ii adid = 38640

Aviation Photo number 53647
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Helicopters, For Sale | Robinson , R44 Raven II

TTAF 1640. 560 hours and 10 and 1/2 years remaining.

Stunning black and yellow astro paint scheme with full VIP tan leather interior. Doors leather lined with pockets and pockets on seats.

Completed full 12 year overhaul just over a year ago so everything is new apart from the engine as she still has 570 hours remaining. Comes complete with the new bladder tanks, -7 main rotor blades and new tail rotor blades. Four bubble windows, night equipped. Avionics include Mode-S Transponder, Garmin GTX 330, Flymap GPS, Radar Altimeter, Digital FreeFlight TRI 40, external start kit and nose mounted battery.

ARC due: 14/06/2017

For further information please contact Aidan Jones on 07977 493160.

Send Aidan Jones a Secure Message. Contact Details Aidan Jones
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