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Fenland Airfield (egcl) Hangarage adid = 38672

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Hangarage and Tie down space, To Rent

Fenland Airfield (EGCL) Hangarage

There are two spaces currently available for Group A, Microlight, Autogyro, Helicopter, Flexwing.

Come and join this vibrant Club and rent a space from as little as 43 per month.

1. Flying School (Group A & Microlight)
2. 63 Cover Restaurant (open Wed-Sun)
3. Fuel: UL91 & 100LL (both available 24/7), Jet A1 (PPR)
4. ''Manned'' radio (6 days a week)
5. Two grass runways, one Licensed (18/36)
6. Runway lights & VASI
7. Maintenance Workshop (E-Plane)
8. 45+ aircraft (Group A, Twins, Aerobatic, Microlight, Flexwing, Autogyro, Helicopter)
9. Sky-craft Ltd. A few miles away with their own Hangar on site
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