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1975 Cessna F150m adid = 38733

Aviation Photo number 53814
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, F150M | EUR 24.500

A very good condition Cessna 150. Top end overhaul done 70 hrs ago. Alternator replaced 50 hrs ago. Paint and interior are in very good condition.

TTAF 12650 hrs
TTE 750hrs SMOH by Jade Air on 17/12/2007 - 100hp TCM O-200-A Engine
500hr Magneto inspection performed 06/06/2012

Prop McCauley
SMOH 270hrs by General Aero 02/2013
100hp TCM O-200-A Engine

Annual April 2018
ARC November 2018

Narco Mk12D TSO Nav/Com
Narco Nav CDI Indicator
Narco ADF31
Cessna RT-359-A Mode C Txpr
PS Engineering Hardwired Intercom
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 00353871425202

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Do you have a photo of the panel and interior Please! Many thanks. Mike Page

A1 Hi Mike, I put the panel picture. I will add more pics shortly. Thanks, Ali