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Reading (rg1) Area Needed To Work On Plane adid = 38848

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Hangarage and Tie down space, Wanted

Greetings All,

I am based in Reading (RG1) and am looking for space within a reasonable commute to assemble and work on a compsite plane I have just purchased.

I am looking for an area that is at least 25 feet x 20 feet (although slightly bigger would be better), secure and dry.

The plane last flew 25 years ago and needs new landing gear, new instruments, new seat cushions and an engine & cowl. It is otherwise complete.

I am just needing a space to get this work done as I currently don''t have access to anything more than a very, very tiny single car garage (that has far too much junk in anyway!)

If you know of any private or farm airstrips, a cheap little industrial unit, a farmer with a shed, or something equivalent that might work, it would be massively appreciated to hear from you....

My thanks
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