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Gyrocopter/gyroplane Training Birmingham adid = 38900

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AutoGyros, Clubs & training | Autogyro, All

Autogyro, Gyroplane,Gyrocopter. Lots of names for one great way to fly. Training now available at Wolverhampton HalfPenny Green Airport nr Birmingham.
We offer PPL(G) in minimal hours and Advanced training. Soon to offer Night Rating in Gyroplanes.
Also, Commercial Pilot License Gyroplane CPL(G)is coming so time to get your PPL(G)and think about your next career. We specialise in converting Fixed Wing and Heli Pilots to Gyros.
We also offer Gyroplane Hire.
Call and speak with Jim on:07966450212 or Call in. We are based alongside the UK Autogyro manufacture Rotorsport UK at the former Police Helicopter HQ.
Send Jim Hughes a Secure Message. Contact Details 07966450212