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Sold Thanks To Afors adid = 38922

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Mainair, Flash 2A


Up for sale is my very clean and tidy Mainair Flash 2 Alpha, G-MTUU, both airframe and engine have less than 400 hours.

It''''''''s just had a decoke so no need to spend any money on her if you bought her.

Kept hangered and very well maintained, all log books are up to date and permit till August 2017, aircraft is fitted with a Rotax 503 which starts very well and very easy, 3rd pull from cold then first pull.

The aircraft is an absolute delight to fly, very forgiving, I''''''''ve used this to gain my license and love to fly her around.

Cruises at 50mph all day, all instruments work as they should, 2 altimeters fitted, ASI, VSI, CHT, EGT and rev counter, timer.

It has twin tanks, rear fitted and removeable under seat.

Aircraft is located in Lancaster, Lancashire, Cockerham and will be used up until sold, any trial is welcome as I''''''''m proud of this aircraft.

She is 100% ready to fly and requires nothing, I have an additional screen which will be sold with her, she has a charging circuit too and a battery fitted although I''''''''ve never connected it up, as I use headsets with internal battery''''''''s.

No trailer included but I am happy to help with disassemble and transport if required, but you can fly this to your own field if you wish.

I''''''''m sure I will have missed something so please ask if you have any questions.

Send david squire a Secure Message. Contact Details 07724222915 Ask a Question