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Piper Comanche Pa24-180 adid = 39095

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Light Aircraft, For Sale, Comanche | £33,000

Price reduced! OIRO £33,000
Piper Comanche PA24-180. Cruise 140 knots burning 40 litres/hr. Garmin 430, 330 mode S transponder, autopilot with height hold (all working), ADF, DME, fuel flow, true blue USB power supply. New screens all round, new gear retract cables/conduits, new fuel tanks Lots of new parts. Engine 1090 hours.
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There are 4 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 When was the lastOH? Regards.

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 When was the lastOH? Regards.

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 When was the lastOH? Regards.

A3 awaiting answer

Q4 When was the last OH. Regards .

A4 Engine was factory overhauled 1997 and now flown about 1090 hrs.