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Jodel D119 1/5 Share Wickenby £3,100. adid = 39169

Aviation Photo number 54464
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Jodel, Jodel D119 | £3100

New group recently formed has the last 1/5 share for sale.

The aircraft is G ATJN a Jodel D119 with Continental C90 engine. Electric start. JN is in good condition having been professionally maintained by Sherburn Engineering. Long range tanks providing over 4 hours’ endurance. GPS, Mode C transponder, the existing radio is a 760 channel but the sale price includes a contribution towards a new 8.33 radio. Permit to August 2018.

On-line booking system.

Wickenby is a great little airfield with two hard runways, a good café and excellent social activities. JN is hangered in a serviced hangar so you won’t have to move loads of aircraft before you can go flying.

We have an instructor in the group who can provide tailwheel difference training and two yearly licence revalidation.

It is our intention to be a friendly group, promoting safe economical flying, sharing of flights, and performing our own maintenance. People aged over 75, low hours or no tailwheel time are welcome on our insurance policy.

Monthly subscriptions are £60 and flying is £48 per hour wet.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details Chris Firth 07957 140125