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Lancashireflying Group Starting 2017 adid = 39333

Views so far = 1913

Three-axis Microlights, Shares & Groups

3 axis microlight (ideally Rotax 912 powered) to be based South Ribble area.

Anticipate Min 4 members initially forming a friendly, professional group.

Would suit NPPL or Group A license holders looking to reduce their flying costs whilst increasing access to a well maintained aircraft.

If genuinely interested, please contact to discuss becoming part of this new project.

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Tim. We have similar goals in mind and I was curious as to whether you had some numbers already. Perhaps there is an option to pool our interests? I'm currently looking at basing at Barton, but that may be against your wishes for South Ribble. Might be worth having a chat anyway as we may be able to help each other. Let me know if of interest. Regards Charlie

A1 Hi Charlie, Apologies but I thought I'd answered your query but appears I was unsuccessful posting it. Where we are up to at the moment: Struggled get min 4 members. Decided between two of us to get operational with a cheaper a/c. Likely now an Xair 582. Then once up and running an teaching issues sorted, will try attract another 2-4 members. If successful, will look at upgrading with cost shared. I'm guessing it should be easier to attract people to a real a/c group rather than a "paper" operation. Barton would be a no for us as we both have access to a/c there and the desire is to have access to one at our local farm strip (Carr Valley, Bretherton). If you are interested in any of that, please do let me know. All the best, Tim

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