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Mainair Rapier 503 Flexwing adid = 39365

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Mainair, Rapier 503 DCDI | £3300

Weightshift Microlight For Sale £3300

Mainair Rapier Flexwing, manufactured December 1997, total hours 220 (engine & airframe).
Rotax 503-2V DCDI engine, Mainair ground adjustible 3 blade wooden propellor, pull start, steering damper.
ASI, VSI, RPM, EGTs, fuel gauge, altimeter, compass, AC twin strobes.
Keywest AC/DC regulator, 12VDC battery, wired antenna (for radio).
Green pod with black under-surface, green spats, strobe mounted under trike keel.
Standard “Blade” wing, green/yellow/white, very good condition with no damage, strobe mounted on kingpost, comes also with wing bag.
Long range 65L fuel tank (mod99) with fuel gauge (original Rapier pod skirt fitted (restricts de-rigging).
The two original 22L tanks c/w gauges are included in sale.
P&M SB147 lower rigging wire mod completed.
3 owners from new (me included), previously based in Newtonards, always kept fully rigged.
Wing on slow hang point (due to short field), trim range from 45 – 55 mph (on slow).
Permitted until May 2019.
Excellent solo machine (I’ve never flown it 2 up, great for hour building, could also be deregulated…. Based in Louth, Ireland. Price doesn’t include delivery.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details +35387 966 3339
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