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Acrosport 2 adid = 8416

Aviation Photo number 359
Aviation Photograph 2
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | EAA, Acrosport 2 | 29500

2-seat aerobatic biplane.
165 hp Continental IO-346A, Inverted fuel and oil , fixed pitch prop. Full canopy. Full Cambrai covers. King KY197.
Permit to Oct 08. TTAF 220 hours. TTE 960 hours.

Send Glenn Bradley a Secure Message. Contact Details 07767 756120 Ask a Question

There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Me and some of my friends are going to by an airobatic. This can mybee be the right one. What is the g-tolerance ? If it is sold !I will bee greateful if you will inform me about that ! Sincerely Ilkka Ericsson (Sweden)

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Sold? If not, so please send me more details and photos. The age, history, equipment etc. Thanks

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 please may yo send me your contact thanks.

A3 awaiting answer

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