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Single Seat Aircraft Wanted adid = 8724

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Light Aircraft, Wanted

single seat light aircraft wanted may consider microlite.I have a 600yd strip on my farm W.H.Y.
Send steve acreman a Secure Message. Contact Details 01785 715106 Ask a Question

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Q1 PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME WITH ALL OUR WEB LINKS AND HOPE WILL FIND AIRCRAFT FOR YOU.We have many and in different prices.Two seater Zlin42MU.Aerobatic Zlin50LS,Four seater PZL104 WILGA35,Lgendary An2 (cheap),and many others gliders and ultralight. Manager: Plamen Petkov "AvioServiceBG"Ltd Mobile: +359889775660 Email: Skype "avioservicebgltd" INTERNATIONAL FIXED WING AIRCRAFT SALES IMPORT & EXPORT & FERRY FLIGHTS & BROKERS

A1 awaiting answer

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