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9" Safety Wire Locking Twisting Pliers 5m Of Wire adid = 9077

Aviation Photo number 1158
Views so far = 6443

Miscellaneous, For Sale | Cal Hawk | ? 17.50

A must for any one who maintains locking wires for bolts that could be subject to vibration.

9" Safety Wire Locking Twisting Pliers - Aviation Features:

Diagonal nose design for easy access into hard- to-reach areas

Knurled jaw tips for sure gripping

Secure holding slide lock keeps wire locked into the pliers while twisting

Spring return twist rod for fast and easy working.
Clutched pull knob allows you to continuously twist wire without releasing your grip

Designed for use with safety wire used within the aviation industry and other applications where vibration may cause fasteners to back out

Heat treated cutting edges for cutting tough stainless steel safety wire

Why have one without the other, this sale also includes 5 metre of 22 SWG (0.71mm) locking wire !

!! ? 17.50 includes UK Postage !!

Please ask if postage is required outside of UK

PayPal, UK Postal Order or UK bank cheque

email (as used when paying with PayPal)

Text or Tel 07952 123883
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There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Do these have smooth or serrated jaws? Thanks

A1 The pliers are the serrated type.

Q2 Ordered a pair of these from here, Yes they are great at TWISTING WIRE....... Shame they are absolutely RUBBISH at CUTTING THE WIRE. Buyer BEWARE.

A2 awaiting answer

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