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1960 Cessna C-310d adid = 9311

Aviation Photo number 1502
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Cessna , C-310D

Located in US Priced @ $118,000.00 US
All logbooks from day one; all records complete
Engines are TCM IO470D 260 horse, fuel injected, GAMI injectors
Airframe total time: 6750 hours
left engine time: 10 hours / right engine time: 75 hours
left prop: 570 hours / right prop: 570 hours
Interior / Exterior 8 / 8

Weight and Balance Information: Max Gross : 4830 /Useful Load : 1365

Annual ? completed 15 August 2007
IFR Cert ? Completed 28 September 2007

Avionics and instruments
King KCS 55A HSI System
KG 102A Directional Gyro
KMT 112 Magnetic Slaving Transmitter
KA 51B Slaving Control Compensator
Garmin 430 nav/com/gps enroute and approach certified
King KX 165 TSO nav/com
King KT 76A transponder
King KN 62A DME
Narco NAV 122 vor/loc/gs/mb
King KMA 24 TSO audio panel with markers
PS Engineering PM 3000 intercom (wired five place) includes an input for MP3 player
3M Ryan WX-10 Stormscope
Century III AK557 autopilot altitude hold
glide slope coupler
heading bug, nav track or loc (for ILS)
JPI EDM-760 Twin engine analyzer
includes data port for downloading performance to a memory stick

Airframe hobbs meter
Heater hobbs meter

Airframe items
Airplane always hangered
Long Range Fuel; 130 gallons total both left and right Aux bladders replaced within last ten years left main fuel bladder replaced last year
Deice boots - fully operational
Activation valve and bottle control valve overhauled
Wing boots are in great shape
Tail boots are brand new
all under floor plumbing replaced
Alcohol props (de-activated)
Alcohol pump needs to be overhauled
New engine cowling nose bowls (left and right)
not installed yet both units have the C-320 stall strip
Main tires recently replaced
Cleveland brakes no brake clips to lose
Aero Enhancements UltraVison UV-250-1 Glareshield Instrument panel lighting
New AirTex carpeting flooring aft of fwd wing spar replaced with new .032 2024T

Both engines, fresh overhaul
cases overhauled by DivCo
crank, cam and internals overhauled by Aircraft Specialties
oil coolers overhauled by Pacific
start adapters overhauled by Niagra
prop governors overhauled by ProProp
fuel injection systems overhauled by Aircraft Fuel Specialists
chrome cylinders, new pistons, rings and wrist pins by Gibson
new complete Slick magneto kits
no Bendix ADs
vacuum pumps overhauled
tach generators overhauled
exhausts overhauled by Dawley
all baffling redone with new silicon seals installed
ALL engine mounts replaced with new Lord Mounts

Extras on both engines
heavy duty 50 amp generators
GAMI fuel injectors
new Walker Air Wolf air/oil separator systems installed
new Reiff Preheat kits
HotStrip oil sump heater and cylinder bands
new SkyTec light weight C24ST3 starters
new F&M C6LC-L oil filters
Continental magnetic drain plugs
Both engine compartments had all fluid hoses replaced last annual
Precision Hose Technology engine bay kits
TSO C53a Type D compliant
AD 72-14-08 R1 terminated

Hartzell HC-A2Vf-2B 2-bladed props
580 hours since overhaul
AD 97-18-02 does apply last complied with 8 August 2004 at 393 hours

New FAA/PMA approved C & D 35,000 btu Heater installed
AD 89-09-09 terminated

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Q1 Is the aircraft still for sale ? How much John

A1 Price is $118,000.00 US

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