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listing placed 02 June 2011 United Kingdom

Dynamic Propeller Balancing Service (2,3 4 blade)

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Has your aircraft got the shakes? Do you feel like an Hokey Cokey when you land?

Rotational imbalances caused by an out of balance prop, spinner or flange as well as retaining screws and washers, can dramatically reduce the life of the engine and its components. It's great balancing the propeller statically, but what about balancing when it's spinning?

The vibrations induced may lead to premature wear of the entire airframe, electrical systems, and avionics.

Since vibrations are transferred through the crankshaft, a crank under such stress are rejected during engine overhauls. Vibrations may also be responsible for premature failures and damage caused indirectly (sheared bolts or breakages).

We can dynamically balance 2, 3 and 4 blade propellers using the latest digital techniques to identify and correct imbalance and vibrations produced by an engine?s rotating components.

Please email for further information and to book an appointment.

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