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Digital RPM-tester United Kingdom

472,00 EUR

listing placed 14 August 2012

With this equipment you will be able to test the RPM indicator of your aircraft without any physical contact with the engine or propeller of the aircraft. Simple to use, can be operated by a single person.

This measuring instrument has been developed and built by ART-engineering after we found out that some older mechanical RPM-indicators could give a deviation of 200 RPM ore more. In cases where maximum RPM is needed to reach maximum climb, like on glider tow planes, a faulty RPM indication can result in a decrease of performance or even engine damage. When a substantial deviation is measured by calibration with this RPM-tester, either a deviation information card can be placed on the panel or the RPM indicator can be replaced.

The system is based on a photo tach sensor that reacts on a reflecting tape on one of the propeller blades. A digital RPM counter gives directly with a high accuracy the propeller RPM. This test equipment is developed for the non-type-certificated aircrafts, micro lights and experimental aircrafts


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