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Dear Flying Friends,

I see a few BMAA/LAA Microlight Aircraft owners are now in the process of wanting to fit Inflight adjustable Propellers to their microlights? In the BMAA/LAA mod application process for fitting Inflight Adjustable Propellers I am hoping there is some provision for Complex training to be considered as a flight-safety issue for the pilots/owners fitting these propellers to their microlights, it would seem these propellers are being fitted without pilots/owners having a full understanding of how to correctly operate them.
See :

I personally feel that allowing fitment of Inflight adjustable propellers is a great step forward for the progression of microlights, however I can also see that this progression could have detrimental flight-safety implications on both the pilot/owner & BMAA/LAA if no Complex training is given and an accident culminates from a lack of training or a lack of understanding of the propeller system fitted.
Complex or differences training is mandatory for General Aviation Pilots who wish to fly GA aircraft with Variable Pitch Propellers / Constant Speed Propellers, so I see no reason why the same standards shouldn't be applied to Microlight Pilots who wish to advance themselves outside of the basic configuration that is categorised and known as the Microlight Category.

I can see that if Variable Pitch Propeller fitments get accepted as a Mod and that no form of training familiarization is made a condition of fitment that the next step will be retractable undercarriages being fitted as a mini mod. I can see the snowball effect leading to such things as oxygen systems being fitted to allow flight above 10000ft.
I hope you read this and see it as a Flight Safety Concern if no Flight Instruction is given to these pilots and give due consideration to the issues I have raised.
All UK General Aviation Pilots who want to fly Light Aircraft with Variable Pitch / Constant Speed Propellers have to undergo 'Differences Training' as a CAA REQUIREMENT, The same applies Worldwide as far as I know.
Having discussed this with the BMAA, it seems they see no reason why pilots/owners fitting these propellers to their microlights should need some form of tuition on how to correctly manage Variable Pitch / Constant Speed Propellers.
I would welcome ALL FLYERS who read this to give your opinion on whether you think Microlight Pilots who have Variable Pitch /Constant Speed Propellers should be required to undertake tuition or not?

# I would be extremely grateful if you could share YOUR OPINIONS either by email contact or by placing your ANSWER on this page,so I can gauge opinions #

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