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listing placed 01 June 2015 United Kingdom

EASA PPL for under 3500

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How to get a 50 hour PPL for under ?3500.
I put my son through his EASA PPL (A) last year and going through a flight school it cost me over ?10,000. I was initially quoted about ?7,000 for a 45 hour course excluding exams and landing fees. He was solo in 11 hours but we ended up paying for 51 hours, I think this is usually common practice and I have heard of people taking 80 hours plus to complete it. I then bought my own aircraft for some hours building and extra ratings and could have saved myself thousands if I had done this at the start, this will tell you how to get your PPL for as little as under ?3500 even taking a modest 50 hours to complete the course. There are a lot of instructors out there who will teach you on your own aircraft for around ?27 per hour.
50 hours instruction at ?27 per hour ???..???1250
50 hours worth of Mogas at 22 litres per hour ???1430 (this will be less than this as instructors don?t charge for flying time but time they are instructing you and 10 to 15 mins per hour will be sitting with engine ticking over or doing checks etc)
7 exams at ?35 each ???245
GFT??????????180 (typically)
Membership to a club who has lots of reciprocal landings ?100.
Other landing fees ???..?100
50 hour service on a Cessna 150??..?150 (you can do this yourself)
Most airfields will let you tie it down outside for free and hangarage starts at about ?60 per month.

TOTAL ?3455

In this figure I have not costed in ?800 per year insurance but you will get a lot of that back when you cancel the policy if you only need it for a few months. Also this does not take into account of the initial cost of the aircraft, but keep it in good condition and you should get around the same price you paid for it, the prestige and convenience of owning your own aircraft and using it when ever you want to is definitely PRICELESS!!!!!.

I am now selling my very nice Cessna 150 please see advert on AFORS and Ebay. Any questions 0789 5600056.

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