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listing placed 22 May 2024 Ukraine

Carbone propellers Meglin

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Dear colleagues!
Since February, we have been living in conditions of war. Some production sites have been lost. Nevertheless, we have restored the production of propellers and spare parts. And we send them to other countries of the world. We should not be hanging on the neck of other countries. If there is a need, please contact us, we will be grateful.
We will manufacture and send you the necessary propeller, despite the missiles flying at us.
Just in case, I will inform you about the available propellers.

for today I have in stock:
1) 2-blade propeller with a diameter of 2000 mm (78.7"), rotary, salt-forming, hub 101.6 mm - for Rotax-912-914 thrust,
2) 2-blade leveler on the left with a diameter of 1750 mm (68.9 inches), straight blades, hub 75 mm - for sinking rotax-582/3-3,47,
3) 3-bladed 1750 mm (68.9"), stretching to the right with a 75 mm hub, a truncated saber - for Rotax-912 - is already gone,
4) 3-blade pusher left 1750 mm (68.9"), truncated saber - for pushing Rotax-912, - already gone,
5) Wooden 1400mm (55.1") left rod for Sauer S2100,
6) wooden right rotation 72*44 for a 100 hp Continental.
7) 3-blade propeller for an engine with a capacity of up to 150 hp, saber-shaped blades of right rotation, pulling, there are traces of installation on the hub
8) right thrust for R-912-100 with a diameter of 1805 mm, truncated saber

Sincerely, Vladimir Meglinsky
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