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Fuel Tanks built into Seating. United Kingdom


This petrol/fuel tank seat is manufactured from extremely tough, rotationally moulded, fluorinated polyethylene.

5.01 us gallon/4.18 imp gallon (19 litre) capacity (complies with US Part 103 ultralight specifications)
5mm wall thickness makes it extremely strong and durable
the ergonomic design is very comfortable
the fluorination process protects the PE against fuels and other solvents
the translucent walls allow you to see the fuel level in the tank, at a glance - no need for a fuel gauge.
This kind of tank allows a correct centering whether it is full or empty.
solid brass threaded inserts are moulded into the bottom and back of the seat during the moulding process to allow easy, secure mounting
the 16 threaded inserts are metric M8x1.25
the seat tank weighs 5.3kg (19litre)
made in an ISO 9001 certified factory with more than 30 years of roto-moulding experience.

19 LITRE Tanks are £190.00 + shipping = £245.00 ( $306.00 INCL shipping )

This seat tank can be used for experimental ultralight aircraft, including microlights, nanolights, gyrocopters, powered hang glider trikes, paraglider trikes, powered parachute trikes etc. It can also be used for go-carts, boats, hovercraft or countless other applications.

A hole must be drilled in the cap to allow the fuel pipe to be inserted.

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