Oil Filter adapter for Continental A65 and -8 engines United Kingdom


79001002 £325 first 5 pre-orders

I have designed an oil filter adapter to fit directly on to Continental A65, A75 engines, it will also fit C85-8 and C90-8

I am looking to have a batch of 10, however I require 5 orders paid up front to cover manufacturing costs.
The normal price of £399 will apply when the offer of the 5 pre-orders have been claimed
Currently 3 pre-orders are still available.....
Plan to have the first 5 units available by end of May.

The adapter is NOW APPROVED by the LAA (Mod 14602)

The installed weight of this Mod is 1.5 lbs
For reference Airwolf Corp remote filter kit weighs in about 5 lbs at a cost of $600

Will help LAA members if required with the Repeat Mod paper work

Kind regards
Julian Mills

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