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MiG-21 no engine Switzerland


aircraft with no engine. transportation from Switzerland worldwide. price 25.000€. cockpit almost complete

MIG „5210“
Czechoslovakia Air Force
Czech Republic - Air Force 
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF
Reg.: 5210
MSN: 965210

Fishbed 5210 was produced in February 1972 and began operated by 4. slp (fighter air regiment) at Pardubice. Soon in June 1972 was transfered to 5. slp at Plzen-Line. Since summer 1991 flown at Zatec AFB with 11. slp, since November 1991 opereted with 82. sslt (independent fighter squadron) at Ostrava-Mosnov and since end of 1993 with 28. sbolp (fighter-bomber air regiment) at Caslav. There ended his active days, concrete by 43. slt (fighter squadron), last-time flown on 15 October 2001.

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