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listing placed 16 April 2019 United Kingdom

Socata TB10, Refurbished to New by Cavendish Aviation

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TB10 £95,000

Aircraft for sale: Socata TB10, G-IGGL. £95,000

We’re not having a laugh, you saw it right the first time.

The price for Cavendish Aviation’s refurbished Socata TB10 aircraft G-IGGL really is £95,000.

Big investment.

So what do you get for your money?

Probably the best TB10 aircraft in the UK and Europe, how’s that for a head-turner at your local airfield this flying season?

With a rebooted 1980 airframe, we’ve refurbished G-IGGL to a brand-new standard:

*Zero timed engine
*Hoses and ancillaries plus engine mounts and nut & bolts,
*New BlackMac 3 bladed prop and shiny spinner.


*New Connolly leather interior and hand-stitched yokes
*Hybrid Analogue/Electronic avionics
*Cavendish's Aerocoat external paint protection that's used within the corporate jet industry.

Aerocoat will ensure that G-IGGL flies at the intended factory performance level, looks immaculate 24/7, cuts down on your cleaning and fuel costs and remains corrosion free.

Did you know that Daher-Socata used to build TB10s to order back in the day, to the tune of around $520,000?

It all adds up to G-IGGL being great value for money when it comes to a high-end, tailored TB10.

“The TB10 offers a good combination of speed and economy, allied with nice handling and a fine balance between control and stability, all wrapped up in a large, comfortable cabin with a graceful, Gallic appearance”

Dave Unwin – Pilot magazine

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