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Aircraft Brokerage - No Sale, No Fee United Kingdom



No Sale No Fee
No Minimum fees
25% Discount during Q3

Frequently Asked Questions.

What services do you offer?

We're often asked about our services.
Whilst we do offer some standard packages every single aircraft we sell is a customised solution for each owner.

How does your pricing work?

Simple & Transparent, No Sale - No Fee

Each of our package pricing has a different service level.

Our Silver Package is our most popular package
During Q3 2019 we are offering 25% discount off ALL of our marketing packages and we have dropped our minimum charges.

Single Engine Propellor Aircraft worth £10k - £99k
7% of Sale Value On closing
-25% Discount
Aircraft Sells for £10k x 7% (Commission = £700
-25% (£175) = £525 (You Pay £525)

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