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Flying hours meter United Kingdom



VDO instrument which will record and indicate flying time. Standard small size hole.

Its advantage is that recording only flying time on a syndicate aircraft encourages rather than discourages proper engine warm up time.

This is not a Hobbs type gauge. I could modify it so that it would act like a Hobbs meter in that it would count time whenever power was applied.

As is, it works on extremely low positive pressure. Apply 12V-24V from the master switch and tap into the pitot air line going to the ASI. It starts recording with an air pressure generated by a column of water of abt three quarters of an inch. That equates to an airspeed of less than 34 Knots.

£40 for collection from between Mansfield and J29 M1 or possibly from a mutually agreed airfield or location. Could ship it at a pinch.

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